EIG Developments acknowledges the feedback of Elpis residents that the now-completed recreation reserve and playground at 80 Woods Road, Truganina, does not fully achieve the proposed amenities hoped for.

We are aware of the additional features some residents have requested for the playground and would like to explore how we can bring those aspirations to life, within municipal guidelines. We will be reaching out to residents so that together we can collaborate with Wyndham Council to enhance the amenity of the reserve and adjoining playground.

We at EIG Developments were saddened when the council informed us that some design elements of the much anticipated playground did not meet the guidelines for the Wyndham Open Space Strategy. The guidelines have some specific requirements for what could and could not be included in an open space with a radius of 400 metres or less, such as our playground.

However, in the spirit of co-operation, we would like to work with residents and the council to further explore what additional amenities could be included, while remaining within the guidelines.

To this end, we are working on an online survey that we will invite all residents to complete so that we can together provide a space that better meets your needs. We will have the survey available soon.